Intended to protect against water and dust, our line of ribbed-style EPDM rubber seals are the perfect sealing option for virtually any environment. Our EPDM rubber gaskets and rubber seals will remain unaffected by drastic changes in weather, and can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures. Rubber and PVC profiles are the best choice for sealing, and can be used in the automotive, construction, and marine industries, in addition to being used on furniture edgings, aluminum doors and windows, and electrical cabinets and containers.

Our ribbed gaskets and seals provide perfect flexibility, even in extremely cold conditions. With easy installation, a smooth appearance, anti-aging sealing strips, and a back adhesive, our EPDM gaskets are easy to install and sure to withstand exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and other challenges presented by the elements. Effective at reducing vibration and noise, EPDM gaskets are ideal for use in cars, buses, trains, and other auto applications.

Available in various dimensions, EPDM rubber seals can be purchased or custom extruded in sizes that will perfectly complement your application. Manufactured with two tape options, BT tape and HT tape, you can choose the adhesive that will work best for your situation. For clarification, HT tape is an acrylic based adhesive that should be used in some light duty dynamic applications, and BT tape should be used under high loads of stress and force.

Since we have a very strong quality control process, every order produced is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. Homogeneous color is inherent throughout EPDM rubber seals, and the superior finish resists scuffing, gouging, and most chemicals. Our ribbed gaskets will resist scratches, abrasions, and the elements better than similar products on the market. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, our EPDM gaskets are easy to purchase, install, and maintain.

For over 20 years, EPDM Rubber Seal has been providing EPDM gaskets, ribbed gaskets, and EPDM rubber seals to the marine, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing industries. While we may specialize in the design, construction, and distribution of rubber seals and rubber seal products, it’s our flexible approach and dedication to quality that truly sets EPDM Rubber Seal apart from our competitors. For more information about line of EPDM rubber seals, contact a local sales representative today.




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